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Jul. 14th, 2009

kradam mix. xD

here is how i'm doing my playlist, a little bit different. i'm doing a transition, a storybook playlist, the kind where
songs are what pulls the pieces of a story together. <33 i will explain after the lyrics i feature of each song.

playlist after the cutCollapse )
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Jun. 10th, 2009

2 music videos that make me OMFG LOL.

2 music videos that i just found that completely made me laugh out loud, the first one im posting is the original and the second is a spin off by a different band. the first song: make the girl dane's baby, baby, baby, the second song: baby by reead [a guy's version/spoof of the first one's music video and whatnot. they're pretty hilarious and random? i also find it ironic that itby french artists and shot in paris. do they not mind public nudity? and dont worry, its censored. both of these bands are up and coming french pop artists. xD.

make the girl's baby, baby, baby

reead's baby [spoof]

Writer's Block: Last Meal

What do you want your last meal to be?

all i have to say to this, is who think sof this question? i would have to say somebody that's extremely absorbed
with death ande ven though i'm a pessimistic person in general, this thought never crossed my mind until i opened
up livejournal and saw this is as the writer's block question of the day. this totally made me feel a little bit more down
in the dumps and kind of brought me way down to earth in all the ways that i didnt want to be. i guess i can kind of
feel like i can avoid going through death even if subconciously i think about it? yeah, i guess that's it. but i mean,
i am a person so i have to think about it now with it egging me on my mind: i think i would like my last dinner to be
like cleopatra's and atony's. at least according to the research i've done they feasted when they knew that octavian
was coming for them and it would be the end of them. i t hink i'd like to have that sense of finality by drinking and
drining things like wines, exotic fruits and whatnot. i know tha tsounds silly, but whatever.

summer chill out. just breathe.

<center> here's my bigger, more official playlist for the summer. or at least part one of it. enjoy! let me know what you think (:</center>


crazy day, crazy life.

this day i think was destined to be crazy from the moment i woke up given the events of the past few days.
basically everything i've posted plus the drama multiplied x 10 put together. i tried to avoid it, i tried to ignore
it but the thing with catty, online drama? it's like girl drama. it doesn't go away easily and always claws at you
no matter how hard you try to be neutral. i think i'm comforted by the fact that i've had such amazing friends
throughout it all. some people, i'm just getting to know or have just met through pms on my site in support
of caution and how it's all played out, and other people that i've known for a while that are loyal and actually
don't judge me on what somebody that doesn't even know me says about me on a "juicy gossip blog."  i've
learned a lot over the course of the past few days, like who are my real friends, who are the ones that i can
trust, and the ones that i can keep. and i think if nothing else, that's what's been the best experience. and it
probably sounds weird coming from somebody who isn't generally so optimistic, but still. i mean it.

anyways, want to know how it started as a crazy day? i woke up after having a....very interestinf dream about
this guy that i've not so secretly had a crush, but never told him about, since sixth or seventh grade which mind
you is about four or five years ago now. i've liked him on and off but iv'e always tried to avoid telling or liking him
for reasons like my friends having crushes on him or something silly like that. i'm surprisingly shy around him
when i'm not around any other guys and it's just this instinct, i guess. idk, but i feel comfortable around him. the
last time i thought about him before summer was in session was the last day of school. i really wanted him to
sign my shirt, since i didnt get a yearbook this year, and i wanted to see what he'd put; but he was sick. i was
upset because i was looking forward to MAYBE getting a chance to saying something to him. i wasn't able to.

my dream last night had to do with him and me, sitting in english class besides each other like we did in reality,
and he was helping me with an art project. ironically, i do suck at such things, but why it had to do with art in an
english class i'll never know. anyways, basically in the dream he helped me to find it but strangely enough, another
girl that i don't really like, but i'm on amiable terms with [she's...kind of scary] that says she doesn't like him but it's
completely obvious she does - came into the picture, in my dream just like she ALWAYS does in reality, and tried
to distract him and make a complete fool out of me my bringing in habits from sixth and seventh grade. ironically,
that's exactly what she used to do around me and him. she'd always embarrass me while gloating on her own self.
idk if this means i still like him or what it means, but i really want to know.

i'll post more tommorow, but right now i just needed to get that out.

Jun. 9th, 2009

Writer's Block: Talking Ducks

Happy birthday, Donald Duck! Which cartoon character do you think is the most disturbing?
i always found the nick programs like cat and dog and whatnot disturbing for some reason. idk
really why but they always crept in my nightmares. my parents wouldnt even let me see rugrats
because the kids disrespected their kids and all that other jazz. i loved donald duck though and
i always loved the three muskateers animated movie and whatnot. i loved my classic cartoons.

do people not have morals?

this is insane. so there's this blog that's mocking me and my
friends and the truth is stretched and we have ex-staff members
submitting things and my god. some of the things are so hurtful
that even if this was a joke to begin with it is NOT now. i mean,
this could be reported to the police for harassment if we knew
who the hell it was that was behind this guy. how pathetic does
somebody be to have to like report on things that happen online?
how pathetic does somebody have to be to actually make a fanclub
over somebody that's just not reporting them but bullshitting the
truth about all their other friends? how crazy does somebody have
to believe that expressing their opinion in this form is right?

the bad thing is i'm actually getting upset over this and i know that
that's exactly what that person wants me to be and all those other
poor people that were targeted. and now we have people believing
and buying this bullshit and it's like what the hell? people don't expect
good out of people, they expect and believe juicy gossip simply b/c
it's entertaning for the moment. people are pathetic. and gossip girl
ripoffs. do people not know that real life gossip blogs have to be shut
down because people can actually sue them?

caffiene can be a bad thing.

well, i've learned the hard way. never drink like five beverages, sodas that is, and then expect to be able to
get a good night's rest. it's now 2:10 am about an hour since i posted my playlist, two hours since i posted
by motivating playlist and i'm still kind of in shock that im so wide awake. i should probably lie down seeing
as this will not be helping the case/attempt to be waking up earlier tommorow, say around nine, tennish.
for the summer and incorporating the fact that i'm a teenager? that's a kind of huge deal. anyways, i think
i'm heading off for the night. ps: my cats are acting nocturnal?

energizer for the week playlist (: v1.0

so im going to start these little compilations of music that i use to get me through the week.
if you like them, let me know! if you have suggestions, again, let me know <33

pretend that this was posted...7 minutes ago?!


 shit, i intended to post like this afternoon then procrastinated it becaused of some stupid drama
that happened. online drama is even worse than real one? because at least you can talk on the
phone with people or meet up and sort it out then, but online it's just like catty, girl fights. i think
it's pretty worthless. the good news is i talked on the phone with a couple of my good pals that i've
known for a considerable amount of time now, porsha and elly. i actually met them on several sites
but i've known elly for about two and a half years and i've known porsha for about a year now that
it's summer time. they're my age and they're pretty great. i think this phone conversation probably
made me forget abouta ll the drama and all the stupid things that have happened today. i just got
off the phone a few minutes ago and i look at the clock, hoping is till had time to post before it hit
midnight but i was off by one minute. xD so i'm going to totally go overboard and make this up to
....myself, or at least, anybody that's actually reading what boring stuff that i write. if anything,
maybe my next playlist will keep you tuned in to my daily, random ramblings of a 15 year old.

it is now twelve ten in the morning and im surprisingly not tired even after what's gone on. i have
much to acheive, a few posts that i have to catch up on, a few catch ups i have to do, and i need
to remind myself to actually do something other than post 'brb' when i plan on being on a phone
for longer than twenty or thirty minutes at a time. that's not exactly be right back, now is it? ah well,
as for my day? it was pretty interesting to say the least. i actually am sitting here not in my pjs even
at this time but in jeans and a cute t-shirt i'm wearing because...i thought iw ould meet a hot waiter
or two at the steakhouse that i went to celebrate my uncle's arrival. he stayed the weekend with us
and a couple extra days, and he's leaving tommorow, so that was our sort of hope to see you soon
thing majigger, whatever you would call it. yes, i use odd words because i'm strange like that.

dude, i still can't believe that i giggled like i was twelve years old and seeing the pictures of
the reproduction system in men and women for the first time when i heard the phrase 'perky
nipples,' even though i knew it had to do with a tv show thing i still...well, on the phone and
hearing my friend randomly say it [porsha xD] i like died with laughter. oh yeah, and on a side
note, another cat story, this morning i was awaken at nine am [when i had gone to bed at like
three or four in the morning mind you due to the fact that i needed to get some things accom-
plished that i had been procrastinating for a good time.] by the sounds of my cats growling and
chasing each other "playfully" around MY ROOM. yes, one went under my bed, the other lept
on my bed and practically tackled me. it wasn't really one of those lovable cat moments, more
like the moment you wanted to throw them outside or show them a piece of your mind. of course
i didn't and ended up petting them after waking up completely disillusioned, but hey. the perfect
weird awakening to a completely weird and illogical day, for the most part anyways.

betty, if you're reading this. look at what i'm listening to. think of callum xD. think of his friend, mj.

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